Thursday, 12 February 2009

Long overdue but limited computer access down under.
Anyway, most of you know what is happening here with the I'll tell you happy stuff instead.
Turns out there is another Art House here but as some of the bands playing there were called ****face and ****, I'm Dead, I decided it wasn't quite the same as Southampton's Art House!
So it's summer here, the season for outdoor stuff, openair cinema under the stars in the Botanical Gardens or on the rooftop of a building in the city..they were even playing ping pong there when I went up! Amazing. With space at a premium, many bars have been innovative and set up in empty buildings on lanes and alley ways, often through unmarked doors, adding to the thrill of discovery! They are famous for their street art but perhaps losing some of their grunginess as they become more popular.
Other rooftop venues (partly to escape the smoking ban) come complete with palm trees and astroturf. For those who perfer less light, there are basement bars.
In the evenings there are night markets. The huge traditional Queen Vic market transforms on a Wednesday to an arty world market, with global food stalls, crafts and entertainment. Live music pulls in thousands of visitors and it is hard to believe there is an economic downturn when you see this! St Kilda has a smaller more relaxed version and I went with a friend and feasted on Senegalese food, frozen mango, pancakes and chocolate drenched strawberries.
There is a cool cafe close to where I live in an old converted garage, with the kitchen and bar in the old workshop and the tables and chairs on the forecourt. The office space has old cars seats and tables made from bread crates, lamps from gas bottles and electronics mags from the 60's piled up to look at.
I went to another bar made from recycled materials with straw bale ceilings, plywood flooring from theatre sets, seats from roadsigns, tables from fire hydrants, walls from stacked growing strawberry trays and a rooftop of growing veg boxes.
Anway.....some of you have read all the environmental stuff I am involved with here as I have sent a couple of emails to the transition group. Despite the terrible fires, things are great and I feel I am helping make a difference here! Keep doing what you do so well there too!!
Love Cara

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