Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The final weekend!

Whew. Yup I've been bad at blogging, as time gets shorter :)

The weekend was great, lots and lots of lovely volunteers came in despite it still being sunny, and we got plenty done :) Tom the builder even came in on a Saturday (unheard of) and so much progress has been made and THE FLOOR is starting to look amazing.

Didn't ever think I could get excited about a floor..... strange.

The ceiling upstairs resembles a map of a strange country as only half the woodchip came off. Wood chip is the embodiment of evil, it is. We've decided this can wait until we are in, maybe nobody will notice!

Tony, his usual amazing self, decided that my rubbish plan for patching where the old kitchen wall was and the tiles had bit missing was a bad plan.... so he lifted loads of tiles and relaid them in a cunning configuration so it now looks lovely instead of dodgy. Julian spent HOURS sanding the kitchen window down really well so it will be ready to paint.

Can't really remember what else happened! All the days are blurring together in a sort of blurry way!!

Van Chuff has agreed to do the mural for us, although there'll be scope for people to add bits. Wheeeeee!

One week to go, it still looks a bit doom, but we can do it.

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