Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well, I've got five minutes before we have a Directors meeting .... Bik and Nina are downstairs sorting out some complicated thing to do with an electricity bill, Zigz is going through what needs to be ordered foodwise for next week and me, I'm hiding in the FREEZING office bloggin' :)

Oh and Tony. Tony is putting up MANY MANY CHERUBS in the new accessible loo. Never was a loo so bling. Never.

Geoff has been working on the mural in the shop area, part of which we had to ask him to paint over today after much deliberation - not because we didn't like it but because it would make displaying crafts in that area tricky (they'd be a bit lost). Anyway Geoff being Geoff took it all in his stride and has made it all awesome.

It's been a busy week! Lots of people in every day, lots of lovely people too..... and lots of new volunteers (whooohoo)

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