Thursday, 21 January 2010


I have a confession to make... soon as I got home today I sat at the computer and just monged for a bit, then did some really boring housework stuff. But to make up for that, have just spent the best part of an hour or so sorting through my seeds deciding I really don't need 100+ of each sort of basil you can think of and so have been splitting these into smaller packets for the purposes of the seed swap.

There are some quite exciting little treasures in my box this year, including some freebies from the marvellous Heritage Seed Library who do a sterling job of preserving rare vegetable seeds and advising folks on how to go about back garden seed saving...

In my treasure chest there are also the following goodies which I will be separating over the next few days:
Basil (cinnamon)
Basil (Marseillais)
Coriander (for seed production)
Douce provence (over wintering pea)
Ruby chard (leaf beet)
Basil (sweet lime)
Okahijiki (looks sort of a bit like samphire)
Runner bean Czar (has white flowers and the seeds look a bit like smaller butter beans)
Purple tepee dwarf french bean
Beetroot sanguinea
Broad bean (crimson flowered)
Fennel (Romanesco, for bulbs)
Courgette (Goldy, a yellow variety, easier to see when picking!)
Dwarf french bean black turtle
Yup I chose some of these purely on the basis of their names :)

Hmm better have an earlyish night now as there is a whole lot of cooking and baking to do for tomorrow evenings Burns night bash


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