Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday wittering

Not twittering - we have a clock in the serving area of the cafe which does that - which in true Art House tradition is not a clock where British birds tweet the hour - oh no that woud be far to mundane - but North American robins and orioles mark our time for us... goes very well with the Daliesque hand wash basin perched rakishly on the counter top .....
Folks who have not visited recently will be WOWed by the extra bling new loo in the making or as the Victorians called it a 'comfort station' so all folks in wheelchairs or folks with nippers in buggies can access our loo (one at a time please) and avail themselves of our caring sharing facilities - next on the list of things-that-our-loo does - baby changing facilities. No you get the same baby back.

Our very own resident mural artist Van Chuff aka Jeff (the dapper one who chuckles quietly to himself about the absurdity of life's rich tapestry) is going all out to make the walls around the new bling loo bright shiny and interesting. We're probably boasting the only gold-painted wall in any loo in any public place in Southampton...

Thanks to everyone who put in a shift today btw - Martin for helping me in the kitchen to make cakes, and putting up with my eccentric choice in music... Bella, Jenny and John for sterling cafe work, Tony for much decorating painting tiling such a nice neat job as always and Nina for doing Nina-stuff very well and in good humour.

Today's menu consisted of the usual array of salads including a couple of my personal faves:
grated beetroot with balsamic vinegar, black pepper and a smidge of salt and
sliced (salted to degorge) cucumber, tarragon and mayo. Tarragon is a much underused herb imho - French is the better tasting, though less hardy a plant than the Russian sort.
I am very flattered with the feedback on my latest new soup creation - carrot, pepper and coconut soup. Sorry folks no recipe just the following:

Chop onions on the crescent. Crush handful of garlic. Fry onions and garlic in a little olive oil until transparent. Add handfuls of dried sage and thyme. Chuck in lots of that Marigold vegan bouillon stuff. Chuck in lots of chopped carrot, peppers, cooked potatoes and whatever other veg needs using up. Add water and about 2 cans of coconut milk. Swish hot water around the cans to get all the nom out (its nay cheap this stuff). Bring to boil then simmer. Adjust to taste. Tastes even better if you can wait until the next day. Ideal accompaniments: a nice little green salad with rocket and olives in, crusty bread and a glass of white wine.

Nina, Martin and I were mulling over the idea of recommending a tea/beverage which wd ideally set off each dish. I.e. barley cup with soya milk perfectly compliments a slice of coffee walnut cake etc.

Well I'm now to see the Wizard. Catch you all later and happy trails

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Jani Jelly Bean said...

Nom nom the soup was indeed splendid and I'm pleased you can share the joy on the blog :) It's good for people to know how much love and time goes into our nosh (which is why it is so scrummy).

Tea idea is a SPIFFING idea wot wot! I feel some tea tastings coming up :)