Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday, and here we are again!!

Oh yes, the building work continued and Zigz was in nice and early to start making cakes and let Chris the builder in! The baby change unit is up and I'm hiding up here whilst the chandelier gets put up (I'm still recovering from the mission involved in hanging the one in the loo! Me and my bright ideas!)

I've just finished hanging the Iris Hill show and it's just BEAUTIFUL.

Saturday night was a total joy with Keya Bobo playing (they were just mindblowingly awesome) and lots of people dancing :) We put the tickets as 'Magic Hat' and people nominated the price, so that all could come and pay what they could afford. On the whole people were very generous and we're going to run this system as much as we can, it's a nice way of staying affordable.

This week we have lots on, as always, sometimes I have to pinch myself when I look at our programme - it's twice what some fully-funded arts centres put on - shows what can be done with a lot of passion & strong will (and coffee!).

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