Sunday, 20 February 2011

Impromptu performance at Keya Bobo

Our Keya Bobo dance party this week was a storming success. The boys gave their best performance yet and the sound was spot on thanks to our new portable sound desk donated by a friend of Martin, our web designer from Still Moving.

Thanks also to Aaron and Sam from Southampton Solent Uni who came to sound engineer for the night as part of their studies and to Martin, their tutor, for arranging it.  Big up to our amazing volunteers who danced about behind the bar while serving drinks, while managing not to spill any, and to DJ Hubert Carpet for mixing some great worldy tribal beats.

During the evening, one of our neighbours from Hampton's Bar, Colin, came in to give us an impromptu performance (see pic) of a Zimbabwean song which went down a storm - thanks mate.

We were also celebrating the birthday of one of our directors, Nina, who, like everyone else, seemed to have a great night. A fab, appreciative crowd made the whole thing an evening to remember.

If you haven't seen Keya Bobo yet, here is a film we made at the last gig to give you a feel of what it's all about, so you don't miss the next one.

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