Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Oh, it's been a long long long long time......

Martin, our web designer, has read me the riot act about keeping the blog up to date so here I am! I've added a few other crew members as authors, so it's not just me going on all the time.

So far this year has been very busy, with most of our events being pretty packed. The Seed Swap this weekend just gone went very well as always - lots of stalls (it's surprising how much we can pack in upstairs) and of course Ziggy on the Seed Swapping table giving advice. This year she was joined by Keith (aka Bik's Dad) who has a lifetime's experience of gardening, including his own organic allotment which he's had for nearly 40 years. We are lucky enough to have a regular supply of veg from here as well as from Ziggy and John's garden, to supplement the regular order from Sunnyfields Farm and Riverfords.

This week is very musical, with the Improviser's Orchestra last night, Three Monkeys tonight, Djembabes tomorrow and Keya Bobo dance party on Friday.

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Laure(y) said...

I picked up a load of seeds at the seed swap, choosing intuitively (who could resist the exquisitely named 'Miss Willmotts Ghost'? Or am I a moron who is going to swamp the whole neighbourhood in sea holly?) but for the most part informed by Ziggy, whose knowledge of plants is nothing short of spectacular.
That's all I have to say for now.