Thursday, 24 February 2011

Time and Space (to create!)

We have lost count of the times that we've have thought 'if only I have more time' or 'if only I had more room'.

Time and Space is just that, time and space for you to do your creative projects. This is an unguided session to give you the opportunity to explore whatever creative project that you are working on at the moment. There are a few pieces of equipment available for you to use while there (scissors, sewing kit, glue and so on), together with being able to share each other's equipment if we're happy to.

You can chat with like minded colleagues on projects or you can just knuckle down and finally get the time to write some chapters, in the supportive atmosphere of the Art House.

Cost: This event is by Magic Hat, which means you pay what you can afford. The proceeds of the Magic Hat go towards the running costs of The Art House and the cost of equipment for the session, so please be generous!

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