Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Another day in the office!

A bit of The Art House that is slightly less glamorous, though just as quirky, is the office upstairs. This is where I spend A LOT of my time :)

Today I've been rearranging our logos so that they're saved in the right sizes and formats to send to people when they need them, I've been working on emails (we get so many enquiries every day about lots of things, it keeps be quite busy!) and now I'm planning the training for our new 'Shift Co-ordinator' role.

The Shift Co-ordinators are more experienced volunteers who will be trained to be in the cafe ready to answer all those questions people have about our events, our aims, what's in the cake.......

As the directors spend more time behind the scenes these days, we realised it's important to have somebody available downstairs to make sure we keep up the lovely, welcoming and personal vibe which we think is the key to our success!

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