Saturday, 9 April 2011


A celebration of chocolatey joy!  Thanks to everyone who joined us for an evening of free chocolate samples, cakes, a chocolate fondue, chocolate chai, chocolate for you to buy and lots of chance to share your love of choccy! All of the chocolate was dairy free, fair trade and organic.

LUSH was there with some chocolatey themed products and Naturally Healthy (our local independent health & fair trade outlet) had a stall with some Easter goodies. The event has a more serious side along with stuffing our pieholes.  We had information on fair trade, organic and dairy free chocolate and screened 'The Dark Side of Chocolate'.

Hotel Chocolat - gorgeous ethical chocolate.. they follow the beans from the growers to the shop.  Read about their ethical policies.

This is what your tummy does after eating Art House chocolate torte.

The last remnants of Ziggy's chocolate fondue.. what? There's some left??

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