Monday, 4 April 2011

Behind the scenes - Exhibition Pixies at work!!

As you can imagine, we can't really be hanging paintings when the cafe is open, so this afternoon/evening Bik and I have been working with some of the members of Red Hot Press printmaking workshop to get their first exhibition of 2011 on our walls, ready for the opening tomorrow night.

Hanging an exhibition is lots of fun, but we're always surprised at how long it can take....... like a giant jigsaw puzzle, which always seems to come together perfectly in the end!

In the meantime, Jonathan spent yesterday evening taking down the previous exhibition, and Tony has just this minute finished packing it all up, safe and sound until the artists come to collect it during the week.

Now I'm up in the office, doing the catalogue, printing labels, setting up the sales file and generally making sure everything runs smoothly. This is the less exciting, but very important to make sure we look after our artists and their work properly.

Like a well oiled machine!! Lubricated with TEA (which reminds me, time for another cuppa!).

Bik & Jani

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RuthieHazzie said...

Oh and there was me thinking you didn't work on a Monday!
I'm looking forward to viewing.