Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sunny weather & we're the Marie Celeste!!

Ah, the first few sunny days each year and suddenly all the volunteers are busy and customers are scarce! It's at times like these we wish we could move ahead with our roof garden dream..... the flat roof above the kitchen and rear upstairs area has a stunning view of the park.

We'd like nothing better than to transform it into a roof garden, where we could even grow some of our own veg and herbs. Ziggy would be pleased to think of all that food growing directly above her whilst she cooks - you couldn't get more local than that, now, could you.

Ziggy and I did a research trip to RISC (Reading International Solidarity Centre) and came back very inspired by the roof garden there.

Here's what it looks like.....

Maybe one day! First of all there is security to finish sorting out. The fundraising has gone well so far, with more events and a raffle planned to raise the last of the money we need to pay for the alarm and other anti-robberz measures we've put in.

Sadly, the practical things always need to be paid for first, before we can go ahead with greening the roof. The robberz did us a bit of a favour, though, as the fundraising for this has shown us that people will support us with cash donations when we need it for something specific. So perhaps that roof garden isn't such a faraway dream, after all.

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