Sunday, 5 February 2012

Saturday 4 February 2012 - Practically Perfect in Every Way!

Even a job as cool as ours has it's moment where you forget how lucky you are to be doing something you love and that makes other people happy, too.

This past Saturday was just as perfect as a day could get at The Art House.  One of our regulars and a good friend had booked a large table upstairs to celebrate her birthday with tea and cake, so all day we had familiar faces, including lots of our crew, coming in and just hanging out.  We also had some new people in, as we do every day, including a couple who had come specially from Bournemouth to enjoy a veggie lunch and were singing our praises as we left - another new friendship made as we're sure they will be back.


We always aim to have live music in the cafe on weekends if we can, and today we had Sarah Harrison, Julie Godwin and Julian Caesar in playing music downstairs.  Every table was full most of the time, which is great as it results in people having to sit with somebody they don't know, and make new friends.

There is a recording of them here:

I also got to wear an awesome pinny!

Sitting there with a cuppa in my hand, watching the cosy room fill up with happy people, great music playing, good art on the walls, yummy food being scoffed and friendships being formed was the best way to be reminded why we set up The Art House more than four years ago.

The value of days like today cannot be measured by the money we take on the till, or any other way other than to sit back, take it all in and enjoy it!

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