Sunday, 13 January 2013

Show off your TRUE colours!

Has anyone else noticed that come the new year, everything suddenly seems like it could do with a spruce up? The process of renewal seems to get particularly frantic in January, especially on a sunny day like today. The Art House is no exception. We can't seem to go a day without noticing something that needs fixing, something that needs renewing, and our crew will, I'm sure, be nodding their heads in agreement. Yet the question always arises 'What would we like to do in 2013'?


Southampton City Council have kindly granted us the opportunity to spruce up the front of next door - the empty shop front (see right). We can't get inside or adjust the front, but we can PAINT, and STICK.

Our very own Natalie Oman, who not only makes a beautiful coffee but also rather fortuitously paints beautiful paintings, and director Jani Franck has rather good ideas. Together, a baby caterpillar was born.

We choose to liken the creative journey to a butterfly opening its wings - hence our logo - and with this in mind we have come up with a design that incorporates all the butterflies that want to fly in Southampton - that's you guys - in a mighty explosion of colour and grandeur that may have never before been seen on Above Bar.


 The Art House invites you to show off your true colours.
Can you design us a butterfly to fly with the others? You can make it in your style - choose your colours and shape, or use one of our specially designed templates, and we will arrange the designs into an image that can be applied to the glass. Natalie will paint a beautiful lady radiating creativeness from her, and by spring it should blossom into fruition.

One final THING.

To realise this design in real life weather-proof glory, we need the super guys at Signwork to print it and apply it to the glass - costing around £400.

To cover this cost we're asking everyone who submits a butterfly to donate a minimum of £5, depending size, to our Facelift fund. You can donate more, and you're welcome to donate on someone else's behalf or just out of the sheer hell of it, without drawing a thing. Why not sponsor a friend?

If you really can't donate, but are excited about the project, share this blog on Facebook or Twitter, or your own blog.  Tell friends. Tell arty folk. Tell children, pets, Grandads. We'd really like to see the community's interpretation of a butterfly - do not worry about perfection. (Unless you want to!)

Together, we are beautiful.

Please remember to include your name, or the name of the participant in which you are 'sponsoring', then submit the form below.  You will be sent some templates and details of how to submit your design, what size and format it will need to be.  The deadline is 28th Feb 2013.

Fill out my online form.


Lisa said...

Brilliant idea, we'd love to do one! what size should the butterflies be? And where do you find the templates? :) Can't wait!

The Art House said...

Hi Lisa, we can send you a template once you have filled in the form above. If you have furthur questions please email