Monday, 5 May 2008

Beltane, Morris Dancers and much cavorting...

Saturday night was our first really big evening event for a while and it was just awesome..... we had a great mix of people, all up for having a great time.  Samhain Morris came along to dance with bells and sticks (and hankies) on the front lawn.  This caused quite a stir on Bedford Place, where they are more used to seeing herds of drunk students, football fans and so on. 

The lawn outside turned into a little festival, people chatting on the grass and drinking chai.  Sadly I had to be a wet blanket and nip the drum circle which was forming outside.... it would have been great but it only takes one grumpy neighbour!

As the evening progressed, we had some freestyle jamming (with Morris Dancers) and drumming and dancing late into the night.

Too much fun for me to handle, I am now so lazy and sleepy!

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