Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I'll give it a go...if anyone is interested in the adventures of an ageing eco warrior! There could be some stories to tell from Oz at least, as I intend to get involved with Friends of the Earth in Melbourne (which I haven't done before). I suspect I may make some of you a little jealous though especially if I go on about the weather there!


bean said...

the vegetarian cafe in melbourne (should be easy to find) is worth visiting, as is trampoline gelati (very close to the vegetarian cafe). the northolt social club is a good place to visit for live music.

Cara said...

I must have met you as you signed the petition at Critical Mass! Can't think which cyclist you were though!
Anyway, I go to Melbourne each year so know it well. I think it is the Northcote Social club but I don't think I've been there as I live in St Kilda. Which is the Veg cafe? Is it Lentil as Anything? They are brilliant!!
When were you in Melbourne?

Jani said...

Yay it'll be great to get an international perspective!

But no, going on about the weather will NOT make you popular Cara :)