Sunday, 25 January 2009

We're really sad to hear this weekend that Spice Art Studios in Bitterne has closed :(

If our mission to make the city of Southampton more splendid, we really feel that it needs many other venues and groups doing arty things. Some people may think it's good news to see a 'rival' close, but we're trying to do business in a different way...... in our minds, mutual support, co-operation and promotion is the way to go (after all Brighton would be pretty rubbish with only one veggie cafe, one art gallery) what we're about is creating a SCENE, not just having one successful venue at the expense of others.

The key, we think, is for independents to work together, talk to each other, respect each other and provide a diversity of things in the city. That way everyone benefits - most of all the people of Southampton benefit by having more to do, which in turn creates a bigger demand, which creates more cool stuff and so on.

We are sure Tracey Spice will be taking her ideas and ethusiasm into a new project and look forward to supporting whatever this is!

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