Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Day.... 6? Maybe 7.

I guess its my turn to finally add something to whats turning into a rather splendid account of every moment of this 'metamorphosis' we've somehow landed ourselves into.
Hands up who wants to come in at 7.30am to meet the electricians?
Hehe. Well, its nice to have some 'spare time' suddenly.
Couldn't find the caffeinated tea bags though, every one i chose from the 'mystery tea' pile was green. God damn hippies.

Hang on, I mustn't forget to feed Bruno. He's our most courageous and hard working volunteer. Mmmmm. I don't think he's even noticed we've moved.

So, the A4 page on the wall says '10 days' to go. I believe a lot can happen in 10 days. Rome, surely, was built in less then that. The world was made in seven right? We'll be fine. We've got a whole crew of volunteers coming in today - hurray - and soup - bigger hurray. I feel a party coming on. Still no stereo. We made up a song about Baboons carrying wooden panels yesterday. I think we possible need to get out more..

The location is splendid. The park is wonderful. The neighbours are hospitable. Passers by are curious. The building is.. as expected: wonky and full of surprises.

'I can't find the Joist anywhere' - Chris.
'Who's Joyce?' - Nina.

The overall vibe from everyone is incredibly positive. It is really starting to feel like a community space. The last few (heavy) bits of furniture are coming out of 81a today, and then we're fully in.

What else can I say?


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