Tuesday, 7 April 2009

How many people does it take...

...to make an Art House?

Adrian, Antony K, Antony G, Az and family, Bethyn, BEAN, Bik, Chris the Builder, Danny, Dave, Donna, Emily, Eva, Francois, Hannah, Heather, Holly, Graeme, Ian, Jade, James, Jani, Jenny, John, Joe H, Julian, Kate S, Kelly, Laure, Laura and family, Lena, Lisa H, Lisa C, Lissie, Lloyd, Megan, Melanie C, Natalie O, Naomi, Nikki, Nina, Pietro, Pesh, Peter, Peter, Reg, Richard J, Rocky, Rozz, Ruth, Simon, Shane, Stella, Tom the builder, Tom V, Tom E, Tony, Van Chuff, Weve, Ziggy...

And thats not forgetting our regular volunteers and everyone else who comes and supports us. wow. apologies if i've missed anyone, my brains a little fuzzy. Its day.. 15? The daily videos are getting slightly more serious, quicker.. less silly? Maybe a little.
Today we had a lot of strong burley men lifting things. Awesome. And electicians playing with wires and machines that beep a lot. We seem to have ceilings where there were once holes, walls where there were gaps, floor where there was carpet. Things are taking shape.

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