Thursday, 9 April 2009

Metamorphosis - what day is it?!

OK in two hours the new Art House hosts it's first group - the amazing
'Recycle and Sew' course in how to use your sewing machine, taught by
June and Ria. I've warned them it may be chaotic!!

At the moment, in the room where this will be happening, there are two
builders named Chris and Tom who are trying - with little success -
not to make a mess :)

Today Tony had an unexpected day off so we put him to work up a ladder
sanding plaster, he now looks like an extra from a Hammer Horror film,
all covered in white dust - eeeeek! Not as bad as Nina yesterday,
with goggles, dust mask and plaster-covered dreadlocks. Alienina - we
should make a film (except she's shaving her dreads tomorrow).

It's getting there!

We have Graeme in again today, he's been absolutely amazing offering
his plumbing skills free of charge and much other help besides. All
the stuff is now out of storage and piled up in the cafe. We have a
new (second hand) cooker thanks to Laura. Laura and her partner Shane
have been just awesome, running around in thier van (which is also
thier home) for us since right at the start, plus pitching in with
lots of other work.

Lyn and Laure came in today and have been doing lots of the odd little
bits that seem to be endless.

Tomorrow night we christen it all with a volunteers potluck supper!
Not quite finished, but pretty much operational, and as organised as
we're likely to be for a whiley.

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