Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday ponderings

Ok whilst the buns turned out more like rock cakes - I've had a yen for making hot cross buns for a while as I thought they don't look all that complicated to make. Heh. The recipe I used could do with a little tweaking here and there and next time I will let the bread maker do the dough making part of the equation. The cakes are all decorated with inane looking little pastry grins, which is a little disturbing to say the least.
Still the choc cake (augmented with Divine dark choc chips :) turned out ok and is awaiting your delectation Tues till it runs out.

Kicking meself cos one again we've missed the opportunity to get into Hampshire Fare's annual directory. Still I guess that there is always next year.........

Before I sign off and chill out - just a quick reminder that in a few short weeks the Art House will be hosting Southampton Seed Swap - this time held over a whole weekend! Jani is getting live musicians (as opposed to...) for some extra atmos and the line up of stalls looks set to be finalised this week. It will be a cosy couple of days - and although there will be less stalls (cos of space limitations) all of them have been handpicked with care.
Saturday 13th's focus is on local environmental groups, including Transition Southampton and the local wing of the Vegan Organic Network and Sunday there will be a fine selection of stalls with seeds, herb plants, seed spuds etc for sale - i.e. the Kitchen Garden Company, Thomas Etty esq, Green Seeds and Beans and Herbs.

Here is the website for more info:

Tra for now and have a nice well chilled evening

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