Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday witterings

Busy day today - both in kitchen and cafe (which is always nice..) my very able kitchen assistant Ian has made his usual lakes of curry (this week's contains a veritable a-z of veg - from aubergine, to pepper, potatoes, carrots...) and my chilli-mojo seems to have made a very welcome return, which is joyous. Today we also managed to squeeze in a very short notice request for a birthday cake - which although very rustic looking was very well recd by the birthday person in question.
Note to anyone interested in ordering a vegan cake - please give me at least 5 days notice :)

Though tonight's clothes swap was a bit sparsely attended I got the impression that those who did make it thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As usual today's French language cafe sounded like a lot of fun as did Tony's British sign language cafe.

Decorating is proceeding apace as Jeff continues to bling up the walls near our newly reconstructed loo (baby changing stuff should be installed soon folks). After this is already, the Trash Cocktail boutique will be reinstated.

Tomorrow a few of us are heading out to the Sustainability Centre nr Petersfield to check out their kitchen facilities - there is a green fair which will be taking place in May (9th?) which from what I have heard is always an excellent event - more details on their website and I think there is a poster on our noticeboard just inside the front door.

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