Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bye-bye Kelly!

After volunteering with us for over 2 years, Kelly is heading off to pastures new. To illustrate how awesome she is, here are some of the roles she has carried out with us:-

- cafe crew
- working in our 'Big Red Art Tent' at offsite events including the Portswood 'One Big Community' festival
- helping Nina with the facepainting pram
- doing outreach work at a student fair
- fetching a carrying heavy things we couldn't get on bikes!
- managing our crafts for a year
- ripping up carpet and tearing off wood panels during the refit when we moved to 178 Above Bar Street
- ordering our food supplies every week (not an easy job!)
- running the book club

.... there is probably more. She's graced us with her lovely smile, enthusiasm and general awesomeness and we are going to miss her a lot. Thanks Kelly!

Our crew are without doubt the best in the world ever, at least that's what we reckon. If you are interested in joining, we welcome all ages, shapes, sizes, skills and types of people. Our youngest volunteer is 15, our oldest is 76.

You need to love what we do, want to help us keep doing it, be able to volunteer once a month and be reliable and able to deal with our bonkerness.

Let us know if you are interested here.

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