Friday, 18 March 2011

Not a good start to the day :(

We came in this morning to find the upstairs had been broken into and a (relatively small) amount of cash stolen.

The police have been great and we're lucky nothing else was stolen or damaged. It's more an annoyance than anything as there's so many forms to fill in! We don't keep much money here overnight so it was hardly worth the effort for the burglars, especially not if they get caught.

I'm most put out that they used our best scissors to open the locked drawer though. Good scissors are hard to come by - and when I need them, I can never find them!!

It's not all fun running this place, some doom does happen, but it is mostly fun.

Tonight we have drumming with Pav, that should clear any yuk energy the thieves brought into the building. We will probably fundraise to get the building more secure in case they decide to come back.

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