Thursday, 17 March 2011

Drum Chill, Friday night

Musicians will appreciate the importance of rhythm, whatever instrument or style you play.  This is a great opportunity to explore different patterns of sound and silence, and to develop your ability to listen to what others are playing and respond intuitively. Timing and rhythm are part of the core essentials of music theory - learning rhythm is vital to grasp harder music theory concepts.

These sessions are also, above all, great fun.  It may be comic relief night, but how about a stress relief night?  Set the video recorder, put on your red noses, and hoof it down to the Art House for a relaxing rhythmical session with Pav.

Friday night sees an inspiring session of contemplative, meditative drumming facilitated by Pav Czuba from Rhythms of the Earth Tribe. These evenings are rather quiet and slow, a way to chill out and wind down from the rush of modern life. It may include some intoning if the participants were up for that. No pressure, no loud sounds, suitable for drummers of any level and all those who love meditation, yoga, sound of the ocean waves, feeling of the sea breeze and spring sun rays on their faces...

Pav also regularly hosts the much more energetic 'Three Elements Drumming' at The Art House - here he is in action:

Drums and percussion instruments (all those subtle shakers are very suitable here) are provided and you are welcome to bring your own. Any one can come and join with any level of drumming experience.  The cafe will be open before the session and during the break serving hot and cold drinks, cakes and snacks as well as a selection of organic beers, wines and ciders.

Cost: £8.50 per person, please pay on the night.

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