Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Napkin art

we found some more customer impromptu-art the other day, this time from Ryan Medlock (www.ryanmedlock.blogspot.com)

We *love* people sitting and spending time in the cafe making art, even if they only have a cup of tea all afternoon.  It's what we're about.  It may not make sense on an accountant's spreadsheet, but then *art* doesn't usually make sense on an accountant's spreadsheet (unless you're very famous!)

On Ryan's Blog he says "I also found out yesterday that my napkin drawings have been more popular than I thought. I normally doodle on a piece of scrap paper and ocassionally just leave them behind, but one of the workers in the Art House cafe in Southampton has been collecting them.

Coloured these ones in this time. Its a bit disappointing that in some of the cafes I go to for tea or coffee sometimes seem a bit snooty whenever they see me sitting around drawing. (I suppose some people must feel uncomfortable that I might be drawing them.)

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