Sunday, 29 March 2009

Metamorphosis - Day 5

We've just sat down (on the rolls of recycled plastic insulation) and
enjoyed a delicious Goan tofu curry, brought by bicycle by Ziggy's
partner, John - what an amazing service!!

Today has been much painting - first the wall with PVA to prime it,
then emulsion. We're pretty much done despite volunteers being a
little thin on the groud today (we reckon most people were jetlagged
from the clocks going forward - we certainly were!).

Tony is his usual amazing, unstoppable self painting the whole ceiling
on the ground floor single handed, then doing loads of edges.

Our neighbours, Hamptons, which is a live music venue, have been very
friendly and I think they are pleased we're moving down here as we
complement them quite well. They're going to start doing grub soon,
pizzas and that kind of thing, and breakfasts too, so we can always
pop next door when we want dirty bad wrong food or a cocktail! The
live music is pretty loud through our wall, so we've had to get some
soundproofing - a bit steep at around £1400, but worth it to stay on
happy terms with our new neighbours.

Just a few bits of edges to do, then I think we're all off for the
evening - me and Bik are going to rehearse with the Shimmering Bees,
it's good to do something un-Art House-related :)


"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who
will never be able to repay you." -- John Wooden

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